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How good is Thun honey? Learn about the history, benefits, and composition

How good is Thun honey Learn about the history, benefits composition

Miele Thun: one of the best Italian honey productions

Today we talk about Thun honey and everything it can offer us. In general, it is useful first of all to know that honey is one of the most important natural products for human nutrition. In fact, it guarantees nourishment and a significant supply of substances capable of promoting our well-being. It is tolerable from an early age, although it should be avoided to give it to children under 18 months because of the risk of allergies.

In our peninsula the production of honey is covered by multiple constraints that oblige companies to offer only quality products. Thun is one of the best producers in Italy and offers food made and packaged mainly in Trentino. Let’s find out more about the proposals of this manufacturer.

The quality of Thun selected honey

Thun honey, thanks to its composition and the purity of the environments where it is produced, is one of the most suitable for the diet. It was born following the tradition of “nomadic honey”, that is, made by moving the hives and bees in different areas. The company knows well the environments of its territory and their blooms, and brings its winged workers even in hard-to-reach territories. By doing so, it always manages to offer different and unique products of their kind.

The product curated and selected by the Thun company is a panacea for the body in many respects: choosing between the different types of honey you can get different advantages. Each Thun honey has special and useful characteristics to alleviate many small and large health problems.

The different types of Thun honey

Among the best proposals of this producer there are eucalyptus honeys, an excellent expectorant and balsamic, suitable for promoting the well-being of the respiratory tract. There is also the very rare one based on thistle, a valid detoxifier for the liver. Do not miss the coriander honey, very suitable for improving blood circulation, which contains important microelements such as iron, copper and manganese. This Thun honey is therefore a valid tonic, but also helps to optimize digestion and intestinal functions.

The production of the brand also includes ailanthus honey, or tree of paradise, with beneficial properties for the nervous system and intestinal flora. It is especially suitable for those who feel very stressed. The Thun catalogue also offers strawberry tree, ivy, sunflower, heather, apple and many other types, each with its own beneficial properties and effects. Some of the brand’s products are so special, rare and difficult to produce in large quantities, and for this reason they are only available in very small bottles.

A honey of the highest quality

Thun produces honey by bringing bees out of Trentino. In all cases, they are constantly monitored in order to ensure consistency and quality. Each Thun honey is carefully selected and controlled at every stage of production. The intent of the company has always been to offer a unique product and we can say with certainty that so far the goal has been achieved perfectly!

Thun honey: well-being and goodness at home

As you can see the products of this company are numerous and each of them has its own potential. In our opinion, each of the foods we have talked about can be defined in all respects as a gourmet honey! That’s why we have included them in our online shop. Discover Thun honey at DF-Gourmet and don’t hesitate to order your favourite flavour. In a few days you can receive it directly at your home and you can bring to the table all the goodness and quality guaranteed by this unique brand. We’re waiting for you!

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