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Discover the best traditional in oil and pickles in Italy

Discover the best traditional in oil and pickles in Italy

What are the best traditional in oil and pickles in Italy?

Crunchy enough, made with quality raw materials and with an excellent seasoning: these are the main characteristics of the best traditional in oil and pickles in Italy. The vinegar used must open the senses as well as the oil. There is no shortage of Made in Italy productions and each has its own fascinating peculiarities.

We at DF-Gourmet have chosen products that give us the flavors of Sicily, Piedmont and Veneto. The producers we have selected offer only gourmet in oil and pickles!

All the goodness of Sicily Temptations

Sicilia Tentazioni is a company that offers many products of the territory of Trinacria, both land and sea. It is part of the realities that offer the best traditional oil and pickles in Italy precisely because its creations enhance the flavors of the island.

Special, strong and fragrant vegetables: these are the protagonists of the production. They are grown in a land that knows how to be hard, but that gives small gardens and wonders such as aubergines, artichokes and tomatoes. The first are proposed in oil as rolls or seasoned peasant. The artichokes, very sweet and that melt in the mouth, are other ingredients widely used by Sicilia Tentazioni. The same goes for semi-dry tomatoes, which for a true gourmet can not miss!

Among the best traditional in oil and pickles in Italy offered by the company there are also those based on cherry tomatoes, grilled vegetables and cucunci which, for those who do not know, are the fruits of the caper. Among the proposals of Sicilia Tentazione there are pepper fillets, green olives from Nocellara and many other products. Just looking at the jars makes your mouth water!

The best gourmet in oil and pickles signed by Riolfi Sapori

In Asti there is a small but fierce company, based in Castelnuovo Calcea, which offers a selection of products made according to tradition. We are talking about Riolfi Sapori. This reality offers delicious large olives, stuffed with chilli and crunchy vegetables. It also offers colorful mixes to dress salads, fragrant and able to guarantee excellent flavors.

Among the Riolfi products there are also sweet and sour peppers in large pieces and stuffed peppers and artichokes. There is no shortage of simply sublime appetizers and many other products ready to push us towards the discovery of new culinary combinations, which we cannot help but count among the best in oil and pickles in Italy. The brand ensures simplicity, quality and taste for good food.

Morgan’s Giardiniera

Finally, when it comes to the best traditional in oil and pickles, you can’t help but mention Morgan’s Giardiniera. In Veneto there is a company that produces a very special and genuine giardiniera. Chef Morgan Pasqual has created a recipe that has found numerous appreciations from the very first tastings. The preparation involves the use of selected local products seasoned with other top quality ingredients.

The chef has created different versions of giardiniera taking inspiration from his family. Each variant is still a product of excellence, whose flavor is nothing short of unmistakable. In short, that of chef Morgan is not a gardener like all the others: it is a gourmet gardener!

The best traditional in oil and pickles in Italy on DF-Gourmet

DF-Gourmet selects and offers only the highest quality products, just like those offered by the companies we have presented to you. So if you want to taste some, you just have to take a look at our shop. You will find the best traditional in oil and pickles in Italy, but also much more!

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