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Sicily Temptations: discover the typical Sicilian gourmet pesto and why you absolutely must try them

Sicily Temptations: discover the typical Sicilian gourmet pesto and why you absolutely must try them

All the goodness of typical Sicilian gourmet pesti

Sicily has often been a meeting point between very different peoples and cultures. This made it even more excellent on the culinary side. Among the many recipes to try there are those of typical Sicilian gourmet pesto. There are many companies that deal with producing them, but the one we like the most is Sicilia Tentazioni.

This reality offers products made with quality raw materials and using the most authentic and traditional recipes. The result is always this: an unforgettable goodness that will become the protagonist of the table. Let’s see what are the delights ready to arrive on your table!

The tradition of Sicilian pesti

Conceptually these products take up the Genoese tradition: as was the case for basil, some typical ingredients of the territory were pounded in the mortar. The raw processing, typical of this process, allows to preserve intact all the nuances of flavor and organoleptic properties of the food.

The typical Sicilian gourmet pesto see as protagonists ingredients such as tomato and almonds, but also basil, garlic, pecorino cheese, extra virgin olive oil and, sometimes, pistachios. These condiments boast intense and decisive flavors that go perfectly with fresh pasta or even with other types of pasta.

The typical Sicilian gourmet pesti of Sicily Temptations: variety and simplicity

Sicilia Tentazioni takes up traditional recipes and uses them to produce a wide variety of excellent pesto and at the same time simple and genuine. In each jar of Sicilia Tentazioni we find a specialty whose aromas and flavors tell us about the island. From Bronte pistachio to dried tomatoes, from almonds to capers: every ingredient used by Sicilia Tentazioni honors the Sicilian culinary tradition.

This reality, among the many typical Sicilian gourmet pesto proposed, offers pistachio pesto, that of Taormina and that of Trapani.The company combines the ingredients wisely, giving other products to discover such as pumpkin and walnut pesto, pesto nisseno, artichoke and tuna pesto and much more.

Why try the gourmet pesti of Sicilia Tentazioni?

The quality of the raw materials, all available directly on the island, is certainly one of the strengths of the company. But what conquers the most is the taste of the products. As soon as you open the packages there is an explosion of perfumes. On the palate, the combination of excellent ingredients does everything else.

The reasons to choose the typical Sicilian gourmet pesto proposed by Sicilia Tentazioni are really many. These condiments will allow you to bring simple and at the same time delicious dishes to your table, also thanks to their versatility. They are ready to be enjoyed not only as a condiment for a pasta or bruschetta, as required by the Mediterranean custom, but they are equally appetizing as an accompaniment to hard and soft cheeses.

Using these gourmet pestos you will be able to satisfy even the most demanding palates. You can always offer your guests dishes that, with their simplicity, will conquer for the intense balance of genuine flavors of Sicily. You will also be spoiled for choice!

Receive typical Sicilian gourmet pesto directly to your home

On DF-Gourmet you will find only high quality products such as those of Sicilia Tentazioni. On our shop, in the section dedicated to Condiments, you will find the proposals of the best Italian companies. We prefer excellence and business realities that cook with passion and always guaranteeing high quality standards. Therefore, by choosing the typical Sicilian gourmet pesto of Sicilia Tentazioni, you will be sure to take home something unique, genuine and special. Order your favorite pesto now: you will conquer the palate of all your guests… yours too!

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