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Valentine's Day dinner: 5 gourmet ideas to enjoy at home with your partner

in a Valentine’s Day Dinner what could be better than spending the feast of lovers with a candlelit dinner with your sweetheart?

Instead of spending hours thinking about the right gift to buy, you could prepare a surprise by cooking Valentine’s Day dinner yourself.

The gesture will certainly be appreciated, much more than the classic and obvious soft toys and chocolates.
Cooking for the person you love will make them feel important and special.

But what to prepare?
Don’t worry, we’ve thought of 5 different menu ideas to choose from, perfect for the occasion and able to win the heart of your love.

First idea for Valentine’s Day dinner: classic menu

For the first proposal we decided to suggest a menu that is easy to reproduce, even if you are not a starred chef, but at the same time tasty.

A good potato and Prague ham pie with parmesan fondue is the perfect appetizer to start the evening.
An easy recipe that always receives great compliments thanks to its intense flavor and melted cheese that envelops the palate.

As a first course we recommend instead a dish that has as its protagonist an ingredient considered aphrodisiac, just to enter the theme of the party: tagliatelle with truffles (make sure that your partner likes this food).

From some interesting studies, it seems that truffles are able to release olfactory substances that induce physical attraction, introducing a dish that contains it into your Valentine’s Day menu can be a nice idea.

After two courses of this type, presenting even a second course could be a bit too much and risk weighing it down.
Then move on to dessert, the most romantic note of dinner. An easy dessert for Valentine’s Day dinner and able to close the menu in beauty is the hot chocolate cake, even better if executed in molds that give it a heart shape.

To accompany the meal, you can propose a bottle of Les Cretes Fumin Valle D’Aosta D.Or.P. Particularly indicated, with its intense and spicy aromas, for combinations with hearty dishes such as those we have proposed.

Second idea for Valentine’s Day dinner: fish menu

In case you and your sweetheart in a Valentine’s Day dinner are fish lovers, why not prepare a Valentine’s Day menu that will satisfy your taste?

The superfine Carnaroli rice of the San Massimo reserve has great qualities recognized by many chefs, and is ideal for cooking a delicious risotto with scampi cream.

Presenting a plate of rice rather than pasta at the table will help you to give the dinner a more refined tone and will make your partner feel your attention and attention to detail.

Continue to amaze with the second: baked langoustines on a bed of broccoli.
This is a light, delicate dish that allows you to taste in a different way the same crustaceans that you presented in the first, the idea of two different textures and cooking of the ingredient reinforces the refined imprint you want to give to the evening.

Whipped cream and strawberries, what could be more suitable for Valentine’s Day?
To finish in the sweetest of ways, prepare a heart-shaped cake to share with your love.

Third idea for Valentine’s Day dinner: menu from the mondo

With this menu you will give your half a double gift in addition to a Valentine’s Day dinner.
Yes, because the dishes that we propose below, in addition to being delicious, will take you on a real journey into the culinary culture of other countries, for a Valentine’s Day dinner

“Love today tonight I’m taking you to have an aperitif in Japan”!
Imagine the surprised and amused face of the person you love when he finds a nice glass of Merotto Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore D on the table.Or.C.G. vintage and a wide selection of sushi.

The rest of the dinner will follow the thread of the game you started with the aperitif.
You can continue enjoying a good first course in Spain, preparing a tasty Paella for example.

Move to the spicy and colorful Morocco to taste the famous meat dish: the Tajine, even better if you can recover the characteristic terracotta container.
Finally, fly to New Zealand and eat a piece of fluffy Pavlova.

These are just examples, you can choose the international dishes you like best, a winning and romantic idea is to choose to cook dishes from the countries where you and your sweetheart have traveled together.

Fourth idea for Valentine’s Day dinner: traditional menu

This proposal is particularly suitable if you are a patriotic person and tied to your territory.
With this menu we propose you to prepare a Valentine’s Day dinner that reflects the cuisine of your country.

For the Emilians a must will undoubtedly be the capelletto in broth or the green / pumpkin tortelli.
On the table of a Roman couple can not miss the carbonara or amatriciana.

If you are a Venetian, surely one of your workhorses in the kitchen will be the creamed cod.
A Modenese could instead choose as the protagonist of his dishes the Balsamic Vinegar of Modena I.G.P. de il Borgo cooking, for example, the fillet.

In short, you understand what we are suggesting right?
Whatever the culinary traditions of your territory, propose with this a tasting of the best dishes.

Fifth idea for Valentine’s Day dinner: vegetarian menu

Those who believe that eating vegetarian means eating with less taste are mistaken.
With this menu we want to show that even without meat and fish you can cook tasty and tasty dishes.

As an appetizer you can serve small and colorful pumpkin and cheese flans.
The lasagna with mushrooms and buffalo mozzarella are an exquisite alternative to the traditional with meat sauce, it is no coincidence that they are very appreciated even by those who are not vegetarian!

Seitan is a food widely used in vegetarian cuisine because it lends itself to different condiments, for your dinner Valentine’s Day cook it in a sesame crust and accompany it with some fried vegetables (carrots cut into strips are perfect).

The Bavarian with black cherries and hazelnuts will give the final sweet touch to your menu, to make it even better add a tablespoon of Alpenzu cherry compote on top. Whichever menu you choose, among these that we have proposed, your Valentine’s Day dinner will be a success.

But if cooking is not really in your ropes, we leave you some advice about the best gourmet restaurants where you can take your sweetheart to spend the feast of lovers

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